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Krieghoff K-80 Heritage Scroll

Local Lessons

What to Expect

Dynamic Conversation

  Fine-tune your approach through engaging fun discussion on refining your current shooting process, enhancing core fundamentals, and minimizing unnecessary movements.

 Goal Setting

Dive into your shooting aspirations, shaping a clear path toward your goal

 Current Process Analysis

Explore your existing techniques and strategies

 Practical Simulations

Hands-on exercises that replicate the shooting process, aiding in skill refinement

 Discover Natural Point of Aim

Uncover your natural body positioning for increased consistency

 Hold, Look & Break Points

In-depth exploration of these pivotal locations

 Fundamental Evaluation

In-depth assessment of your fundamental techniques, enhancing your overall performance

Send It 

Based on experience and discipline shoot approximately 50- 200 shells

 Video Playback


Review recorded footage to pinpoint strengths and areas for further growth

Have Fun!


Fun conversation with more broken targets!

Take Home Material

Pre-shot routine templates

Hold point, Look Point & Breakpoint visual references

At-home practice drills

Next step and best practices action plan

In-person lessons are open to individuals in the greater Seattle, and Phoenix areas. Jack offers flexible travel options and team-hosted events and classes, catering to diverse coaching needs ranging from personalized athlete and parent sessions to team instruction.

Pricing, and Exclusions

Individual clinic pricing covers up to two participants per family, such as siblings.

The pricing is determined based on factors such as experience, location, and the number of participants.​

Participants are responsible for providing their own ammo, targets and organize range time, and/or fees

Printable Event Flyer

Scheduling now in the PNW!

Shooter Ready? 

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