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Thank you for your interest in learning more about my personal journey, shooting insights and unique perspective into the shotgun sports!

 I created Shooting with Jack to extend myself and vast network as a resource to anyone curious about clay target sports. My passion is to help shooters reach their fullest potential by maximizing their natural shooting style, break more targets and have fun.  Whether looking to learn how to properly mount a shotgun, best out your local league rival, or shoot your way onto Team USA, I am here to help.

​I have a reputation for being a coach not a crutch.  I'm unlike other instructors simply because I don't teach you how to shoot my way. Everyone's natural strengths are different.  I demonstrate how to continually improve your performance through identifying lapses in fundamentals through a pre-shot routine.


  Where I help is, together we slowly work out excess movement in your shooting process resulting in increased consistency and more broken targets.  I demonstrate and simply explain how to acknowledge and address the triggers that causes the mistake deep in the muscle memory of the pre-shot routine.  

With the evolving digital age and rising safety concerns we can virtually come to you! 


The days of spending a small fortune driving hours each way for a two day clinic to learn someone else's style, are over!  With video chat, I fit into your schedule either at the range or in the comfort of your home.


I currently offer both in-person and virtual coaching. Simply fill out the online QUESTIONNAIRE then send an intro email to schedule a time and I will tailor our training session(s) to address your specific needs. Click Here to schedule now! 

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Why Jack?

Jack has been shooting for almost 30 years and has over two decades of competition experience at the world level.  His experience as a former member of the ATA All-American Team and Team USA offers a unique perspective to the shotgun sports.  Jack has a keen eye for detail and provides immediate, actionable feedback in order to enhance your personalized pre-shot routine. 


During your coaching session, Jack will guide you towards discovering your own enhanced shooting style via sound fundamentals, training drills, and practice techniques. You will learn how to practice on your own and identify what the early signs are that result in mistakes. Increased scores will come when trust and confidence is built between technique and muscle memory.

What are Virtual lessons?

Virtual lessons are exactly like they sound- virtual!  From the safety of your home, at a time that works for you, chat 1:1 with Jack or take the lesson to the range!  Whether you have a pressing question or want him to give your technique a second look, Jack is available via video chat to meet your specific needs.

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