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You Don't Know Jack

Krieghoff K-80 Heritage Scroll

You Don't Know Jack!

Jack grew up outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and started his shooting career at Oxford Gun Club. He has a passion for the outdoors and graduated from Penn State University studying landscape architecture, horticulture, and business. 


Jack is the Principal Designer and Project Architect for Puget Construction and Landscape. 

Puget Construction is an award winning bespoke design and build firm providing luxury outdoor living services to the greater Bellingham and PNW market.


Jack and his wife reside in Bellingham, WA with their three young children and two dogs. As a family, they enjoy cooking and are avid bread bakers as well as Big Green Egg Heads. They love the outdoors and can be found on the slopes snowboarding, tubing, camping, or hiking.  They enjoy visiting local breweries, taco shops, and anywhere the bourbon is served cold.


​I have a reputation for being a coach not a crutch.  I'm unlike other instructors simply because I don't teach you how to shoot my way. Everyone's natural strengths are different.  I demonstrate how to continually improve your performance by identifying lapses in fundamentals through a pre-shot routine. 


Where I help is, together we slowly work out excess movement in your shooting process resulting in increased consistency and more broken targets.  I demonstrate and simply explain how to acknowledge and address the triggers that cause the mistake deep in the muscle memory of the pre-shot routine.  

With the evolving digital age and rising safety concerns we can virtually come to you! 


The days of spending a small fortune driving hours each way for a two-day clinic to learn someone else's style are over!  With video chat, I fit into your schedule either at the range or in the comfort of your home.


I currently offer both in-person and virtual coaching. Send an intro email to schedule a time and I will tailor our training session(s) to address your specific needs. 

Shooter ready? 

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