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Krieghoff K-80 Heritage Scroll



What are virtual lessons?

Virtual lessons are exactly like they sound- virtual!  From the safety of your home, at a time that works for you, chat 1:1 with Jack or take the lesson to the range!  Whether you have a pressing question or want him to give your technique a second look, Jack is available via video chat to meet your specific needs.

How do Virtual Lessons Work?

Schedule a time

Let's connect!

Meeting Link

Open link anywhere!


Receive a lesson summary 

Basic info

Complete quick questionnaire!


Enjoy a tailored lesson

Have a question?

Book 15 minutes!

We are excited to help and understand your time is valuable so we kindly ask to please arrive a five minutes prior to your scheduled time.

Completed Examples


Live lesson through video conference

Live fundamental demonstrations

Shooting video review

Cost conscious shooter 

At the range practice drills

At home practice drills

Gun fitting & patterning


Best upfront shooting investments

Parent coach pointers 

Volunteer coach pointers

Pre-shot routine development

Increase mental focus 

Equipment suggestions

How To:

Get into the sport

Shoot in the rain

Shoot at night

Shoot a shoot off

Be a squad leader


Be a parent spectator

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