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Virtual Consulting

Unveiling a New level of accessible coaching

We believe in going the extra mile – literally! Imagine the ease and convenience of having an expert ready to provide professional advice right in your own home! If we can't physically come to you, we can pop in after dinner for a nightcap.  We're excited to introduce a new level of accessibility by offering personalized, direct access to proven pro tips. Our commitment to delivering top-notch instruction remains a priority.  No matter where you live or where you are in your shooting journey we are thrilled to bring our expertise directly to you.

Who we help

New Athlete Parents

Parents of young athletes seeking guidance on supporting their children's sports journey and navigating the challenges of sports parenting

Parents looking to understand the world of youth sports, including rules, expectations, and how to foster a positive environment for their child's development

Youth Athletes

Help guide youth shooters take the path that best suits their long term individual goals

Guiding youth athletes through healthy lifestyle habits 

Volunteer Coaches

Volunteer coaches who are new to coaching and need assistance gaining confidence with developing practice plans, teaching fundamental skills, safety skills and managing team dynamics

Individuals who want to transition from being a shooter to becoming an effective volunteer coach, learning how to lead and inspire their team

World-Class Athletes

Elite athletes aiming to refine their techniques, optimize performance, and overcome mental or physical hurdles at the highest levels of competition

Professional athletes seeking guidance on career transitions, and life after competitive sports

New to Clay Target Sports

Individuals with little to no experience in shooting sports who want to learn proper firearm handling, safety protocols, and marksmanship skills from scratch

Novices looking to gain confidence and competence in shooting for recreational purposes or self-defense


Youth Teams, SCTP, AIM, 4H etc.

Youth sports teams and their coaches who require assistance in developing age-appropriate training plans, fostering teamwork, and creating a positive safe experience.

Coaches working with young athletes to instill important life skills, values, and character development through providing them with the tools to improve.

The League Shooter

For league shooters who've had limited coaching, having professional guidance, and a trained eye presents a strategic edge, empowering them to outshine rivals by enhancing scores one target at a time.

How does it Work?

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 We're thrilled to assist you in your journey, and we understand that your time is valuable. To make the most of our coaching sessions, we kindly request that you arrive five minutes before your scheduled time.

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