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Krieghoff K-80 Heritage Scroll

Coming soon


I created the YouTube Channel Shooting With Jack to share my perspective and experience with anyone curious about the shotgun sports.  I will attempt to provide answers to the illusive question of what is good instruction and present the material how I learned.


Tune in as in as I help parents support their young shooters, help shooters located in rural areas edge out their league rival and respond to technical questions surrounding all aspects of the game including mental focus and visualization.

I'll personally walk you through the overlooked

fine details and drills that can be done on and off the range to increase consistency, lower costs, and leave the range having an overall better shooting experience.

Follow as I host a wide range of guests from first time shooters learning what to bring to a practice, to former military service members making the switch from rifle & pistol to competitive shotgun, to World and Olympic champions discussing the importance of mastering the basics. 

Sit back and have a laugh as I share a satirical series where I have challenging conversations with our very own 'gun club pros' and challenge some of the 'best unsolicited advice.'

Follow, like and subscribe to show your support.

See you on the range! 

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