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Krieghoff K-80 Heritage Scroll


Your hub for all 'things' shotgun

Here you will find breakdowns and walk throughs on how to uncover what works best for you! 

The how to guide is my perspective of how to learn the shotgun sports.  I hope my approach brings you increased success and offers a new way of approaching the next shooting problem. 

Any questions please call to discuss in more detail!

Image by Austin Distel

find natural point of aim

  • Each body position will be different for every post heres how to test yours

  • Stand on the shooting post as you would to normally shoot a target

  • Mount your gun into your hold point ( the place you would put your gun before calling for the target) 

  • Close your eyes ( please confirm firearm is unloaded prior and you have a spotter :) 

  • Keeping a strong mount swing the barrel, far left, swing right left, right, up down, move only the gun keep your body comfortable.  Looking to swing a full 180 degrees like a sprinkler. 

  • After 15 ish, swings, come back to center and open your eyes.

  • If you are completely off from where you started, +- your foot position needs to change by shifting into a more fititng stance 30-45 ish degree angle.  Be COMFORTABLE, you are standing for a long time, try not to squat, lean bend or twist.  Be natural, no need to fatigue your legs.  For comparison, when I do this drill, I land directly on the referenced starting hold points when I open my eyes. 

  • When uncovering what truly is natural with your eyes open.  Subconsciously corrections are made throwing your eye off line. If you are familiar with the phrase north and true north, you're that much off and misses will happen when you think you were dead on.  Your eye is fighting against your body mechanics resulting in inconsistent performance. 

Find individual hold points 

  • Loading the machines

8 Simple steps to find the perfect hold point 

1: Correct gun fit with figure 8 or stacked beads

2: Pattern gun with 3 shots at 30 yards to uncover point of impact with the tightest choke in the box

3: Uncover Natural point of aim

4: Uncover a starting point in the background

5: Uncover how much distance it takes to move to the target and note the quality of the hits

6: Starting in your starting point move left, right, up, down and adjust by small margins

7: Don't re-invent the wheel, use your barrel as a scale to move your hold points but always know where you start

8: Trust your eyes, trust the process, trust that if you hold still until you see the target clear that your eyes will drive. 

Find individual LOOK POINTS

  • Loading the machines

pattern my gun

  • Loading the machines


  • Loading the machines

mount my gun

  • Loading the machines


  • Avoid mass layering

  • Measure length of pull in warm season

  • Remain consistent in shooting clothing

  • Remove excess length in stock if applicable to accommodate bulky clothing

  • Hand warmers, ski socks/wool gloves anything that holds heat stuffed in a pocket, your hand will stay warm to shoot.  With a release I found this the best to keep feeling of my shooting hand in the mountains of Pennsylvania

  • I am firmly against competition shooting and ear muff ear protection 

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